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How to find the perfect jeans for your body.

Finding THE perfect pair of jeans is like fashion utopia. So let me help you, find that very perfect pair.

A clever illusion dress will instantly make you look slimmer.

A cleverly crafted illusion dress will make you body appear slimmer and more narrow. The clever sliced and coloured panels help create this ‘optical illusion.

How to hide your tummy

Most women have a body part that they don’t like and for most women, its their tummy. Here is a short video filled with loads of handy hints and tips on how to help hide that tummy….

2 must have Little Black dresses (LBD) for this season

Every woman needs a LBD (little black dress) or two. I love these two styles this season, both super affordable (under $130) and look ahhhhmazing on. Simple, chic and versatile. Dress them up or dress them down. A wardrobe must have.

Dress right for your leg type

No matter what your leg type, Veet and i have joined forces to ensure that we have you looking your very best and making the most of your pins this summer with Veet’s ‘Dress Right For Your Leg Type Guide’. This guide offers expert advice on how to show your legs off to your maximum advantage.

Need some instant boobs?

I came across this clever styling tip to enhance your bust. The fuller busted illusion is created using makeup (a technique called contouring). I’ve seen this done before at photo-shoots and it does work. It may take a while to perfect, but it sure is clever.

Why a nude shoe will make you look taller and slimmer.

Ladies – do you want to look taller?  look thinner? have long lean looking legs? Then forget about that painful and expensive leg extension operation and just buy a pair of nude heels. Let me explain why….

How to work out your body shape.

Knowing your size is important, but knowing what body shape you are is much more vital. There are 12 key body shapes, so let me help you work out your body shape. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to work out your body shape.

Cone body shape

Cone body shapes, also referred to as a ‘Cornet’, ‘Athletic’ or ‘Boy-ish’ build. Cone shapes generally have broad shoulders, small boobs, no waist and very slim hips and long legs.

Column body shape

Columns…. think Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow, these are tall statuesque women, whose shoulders and hips are the same width, with really long legs. It sounds like the shape that most women would like to be, but even Column Body Shapes need a few hints and tips.