Cone body shape

Cone body shapes, also referred to as a ‘Cornet’, ‘Athletic’ or ‘Boy-ish’ build. Cone shapes generally have broad shoulders, small boobs, no waist and very slim hips and long legs.

Cameron Diaz, Elle McPherson and Naomi Campbell are all famous ‘Cones’.

Tips on how to dress if you have a Cone Body Shape

You have: broad shoulders, small boobs, no waist, slim hips, long legs.

Key objectives:

Balance out the ‘upside down triangle’ with volume and shape on bottom half.
Choose styles that deemphasize your shoulders.
If you have long sexy legs, why not highlight them with sexy shoes or stockings.

Tips on how to dress:

Find clothes with dramatic shapes and angles to re-shape your body.
Find necklaces that broaden your collar and balance your shoulders.
Dresses and skirts with pockets, pleating and volume details will give you volume on your hips.
Wipe lapels on skirts and jackets will fill up your shoulders.
Dresses made of jersey with draping and roaching details can create curves in all the right places.
Patterns, prints and gathers can help create the illusion of curves.
You can rock skinny jeans and cigarette (straight leg style) pants.
A fluted skirt that comes straight out of the hips will balance out your frame.
Peplum style dresses are great (like the one Elle has got on).
Coats – a wide lapel will halve your shoulder span, big pockets on the hips will help create some shape.
Halter neck styles are great for your shoulders.
A dress with roaching or pleating over the chest will add volume and shape.
Avoid: sapless float dresses, platform shoes, ¾ sleeves, scooped necklines & shoulder pads.

The main trick for these ladies is to balance their top half by adding more volume around their hips. For more hints and tips please click on the below ‘fact sheet’ to see it as a full page browser.