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A date for your diary: Must see Gaultier.

The unconventional and playfully irreverent designs of the fashion world’s ‘enfant terrible’, Jean Paul Gaultier, will be celebrated with the first international exhibition dedicated to this ground-breaking French couturier.

A clever illusion dress will instantly make you look slimmer.

A cleverly crafted illusion dress will make you body appear slimmer and more narrow. The clever sliced and coloured panels help create this ‘optical illusion.

Madonna’s superbowl performance was amazing, but did she copy our Kylie?

As I watched Queen Madge’s fabulous Superbowl half time performance, I did feel I had seen the concept very recently at Kylie Minogue’s ‘Les Foiles’ tour. Check out these comparative images below and tell me what you think…

Why a nude shoe will make you look taller and slimmer.

Ladies – do you want to look taller?  look thinner? have long lean looking legs? Then forget about that painful and expensive leg extension operation and just buy a pair of nude heels. Let me explain why….

Petite / Short frame body shape

Do you have minimal curves? a small slender frame? wish you were taller? Then these body shape principles are you for you.