Column body shape

Columns…. think Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow, these are tall statuesque women, whose shoulders and hips are the same width, with really long legs.

It sounds like the shape that most women would like to be, but even Column Body Shapes need a few hints and tips.

Tips on how to dress if you have a Column Body Shape

You have: shoulder width the same as your hips, slight waist and long legs.

Key Objectives:

Use strong blocks of colour to define your body and add curves and shape.
Use fabric and styles such as voluminous sleeves, ruffles and pleating to add shape to your body.

Tips on how to dress:

Round necklines look great on you, as does the sweetheart shape.
Look for angular jackets that draw attention to your centre.
Tops capped sleeve, volume in shoulder will make the waist look smaller.
Tops/dresses with pleating or ruffles on the chest will give you shape here.
Flared sleeves add shape and volume.
Dresses – choose soft feminie flowing fabric such as chiffon.
A ¾ length coat, especially a trench looks great, chinch in the waist.
Skirts or coats with hip pockets, pleats or volume will add create ’the illusion of hips’.
A – line skirts with a gentle flare will add shape to your hips.
Cropped pants (on the knees), break up your torso and show off your legs.
Gathering and pleating details will create more shape and volume.
Trousers – you can were more styles, slightly flared trousers will create some shape.
Chunky long necklaces focus attention on the centre of your body.
You have great legs, so show them off with shorter hemlines or lovely stockings and shoes, to draw attention to you assets.

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