Let’s celebrate real role models & respect their phenomenal work. Social media celebrates some very questionable “role models”.

I am sick of seeing celebrities & influencers who put out negative body image messages or plugging random products. I am sure we have all seen “Beauty influencers“ declaring how gorgeous their skin looks , while using extreme filters and “Fitness influencers” with obvious body enhancements or use chemical enhancements, but then claiming it is all natural diet and hard work.

I’ve been shocked and disgusted by some of the disrespectful social media posts about Dr Kerry Chant. Especially those that pick on her appearance. She never set out to be talking to a live national audience every day during a global pandemic. But every day goes about her job with upmost professionalism & class, as does Gladys. 

Lets shine a light on women with purpose and passion. Women who go above and beyond, women who would make stellar role models for my nieces. It could be a small regional town mum who goes above and beyond at the local school, a volunteer worker who puts everyone else before themselves or someone who is well known that is achieving great things. 


I welcome you to join Pampered with Purpose by nominating a person or becoming a partner.