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Nicola’s makeover: from tomboy to tremendous.

Probably the most dramatic and life changing makeovers I have ever created. There were lots of emotional tears and I shall never forget the day I worked with Nicola. Check out her makeover…  

A busy young mum of 4 gets a makeover.

I was so honoured to be asked to film two episodes of Westfield Style TV. This episode follows the transformation of Corrie, a young mum of 4 kids under the age of five.  Corrie has a classic petite pear shape.

Dorathy’s makeover – how to look 20 years younger in just 2 hours.

You do NOT need cosmetic surgery to look younger. I made Dorathy look at least 20 years younger, just with the right makeup, hair and clothes (and only in 2 hours). When I met Dorothy she looked washed out in a sea of boring navy. With darker hair, the right makeup and a gorgeous colourful dress […]

Barbara’s makeover

The average size of most women in Australia is 12-14, so ladies embrace your beautiful curves, show them off – just like Barbara. Check out her amazing makeover…

Beth’s makeover: we all deserve a bit of glamour in our lives

Beth admitted she never treats herself to nice haircuts, manicures or fancy clothes. So I extra thrilled to get my hands on her and inject some glamour into her life. Check out Beth’s transformation….

Kathryn’s makeover – curves are sexy.

Kathryn is a new mum and is a gorgeous size 14 and like most women she felt paranoid about her tummy.  With the right clothes and accessories, I whipped up a brand new look for this yummy mummy. Check out her fabulous makeover….

Lisa’s Makeover – from Frizzy to Fabulous

It truly is amazing what a brand new hairstyle can do, not to mention beautiful bright bold colours and well fitting clothes. After her makeover she totally looks like a new woman and her new found confidence was so amazing. Check out Lisa’s phenomenal makeover…

Caitlyn’s makeover – from frumpy to fabulous

So many women make the common mistake of wearing clothes that are oversized, baggy and loose. They think by wearing these un-flattering clothes they are ‘hiding’ parts of their body they don’t like. But in fact, they are making themselves look much heavier (and bigger) than they really are. Check out Caitlyn’s amazing makeover….