Caitlyn’s makeover – from frumpy to fabulous

So many women make the common mistake of wearing clothes that are oversized, baggy and loose. They think by wearing these un-flattering clothes they are ‘hiding’ parts of their body they don’t like. But in fact, they are making themselves look much heavier (and bigger) than they really are.

Check out Caitlyn’s amazing makeover….

From frumpy to fabulous

Caitlyn has a gorgeous ‘Skittle’ body shape. She has amazing green eyes, so I got her hair dyed deep red to make her eyes poop.
She has fabulous hair, so I chose a style that was more fun, youthful and helped to showcase her stunning face and eyes.
A statement necklace and earrings draws our attention to her top half. The washed gold colour accessories works with the military theme.
The elasticised belt cinches in her waistline and showcases her little waist.
The A-line style dress gently skims over her hips. The military green jacket and dress complement her red hair perfectly.
Amazing platform clogs from Payless Shoes. They match back with the belt. Yum.

What do you think? does she look better? Please have your say and leave a comment below…