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Nicola’s makeover: from tomboy to tremendous.

Probably the most dramatic and life changing makeovers I have ever created. There were lots of emotional tears and I shall never forget the day I worked with Nicola. Check out her makeover…  

Dorathy’s makeover – how to look 20 years younger in just 2 hours.

You do NOT need cosmetic surgery to look younger. I made Dorathy look at least 20 years younger, just with the right makeup, hair and clothes (and only in 2 hours).¬†When I met Dorothy she looked washed out in a sea of boring navy. With darker hair, the right makeup and a gorgeous colourful dress […]

Barbara’s makeover

The average size of most women in Australia is 12-14, so ladies embrace your beautiful curves, show them off – just like Barbara. Check out her amazing makeover…

Teagan’s makeover – from top heavy to rock chick glam.

You will not believe that this is the same girl. A sensational new modern hair style combined with some clothes that perfectly work with her body shape, the new look Teagan truly is fabulous.

Lisa’s Makeover – from Frizzy to Fabulous

It truly is amazing what a brand new hairstyle can do, not to mention beautiful bright bold colours and well fitting clothes. After her makeover she totally looks like a new woman and her new found confidence was so amazing. Check out Lisa’s phenomenal makeover…