Petite / Short frame body shape

Do you have minimal curves? a small slender frame? wish you were taller? Then these body shape principles are you for you.

With the right clothes, shoes and accessories you can look taller and curvier. You are in the wonderful company of Kylie Minogue, Eva Longoria and Jessica Mauboy…

Tips on how to dress if you have a Petite or Short Frame Body Shape

You have: minimal curves, small slender frame and/or short frame.

Key Objectives:

Create the illusion of height and / or
Create the illusion of curves

Tips to look taller

Nude pair of platform heels will give you instant height
Don’t wear ankle straps shoes
Vertical stripes and lines will make you look taller
No horizontal stripes or lines such as thick belts or panels
Long necklaces & scarfs help create vertical lines.
Up styles (such as puns & ponytails) can create height
Wear block colours to look taller.
Long ¾ coats, rather than coats that slice your body.

Tips to create curves and volume:

Wear ruffles and pleating around chest to create a bigger chest
Wear sleeves with volume, cinch in the waist to create hips.
A line shirts or skirts with chunky pockets will create more hips
Rounded necklines will add shape.
A long ¾ length cardigan or coats can create height.
Dress or tops with pleating, ruffles or gathering etc. on the hips or bust will create volume, making you look bigger in that area.
A shorter cropped jacket, that cinches under the bust
Choose miracle bras that add volume.
Look for bikini with ruffles or pleats on the bust.
Always opt for well-tailored clothes so you don’t drown in fabric.

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