The 3 fashion items that will never let you down.

When I’m stuck on what to wear (yes stylists also experience that), I just can’t go past the holy fashion trifecta of:


1) A pair of jeans
2) A black blazer
3) A crisp white shirt


A winning combination every time. It’s smart, chic and works for both guys and girls, suits all body shapes and you can get this look on a budget or splash out on designer gear. This season leather is big, so I’m currently wearing a black blazer with leather (look) details. Of course a classic one or two button black blazer works just as well. If you own a black suit, pull out the jacket and use that (always look to wear 2 piece suits as separates).


All 3 pieces can also be worn separately with most other items in your wardrobe. So if you don’t own any of these 3 above named items. Get. Shopping. Now.

Outfit details / Shop my look here:
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Antoine & Stanley boots – CLICK HERE

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Happy Styling.