Make mine a Jean ‘n Tonik

I love discovering new menswear labels and this week I discovered Jean n’ Tonik.

Having dabbled in designing menswear and knowing that the Australian retail fashion market really needs more menswear. Jean n’Tonik is a very welcome new menswear label that offers fab shirts (made from fine Turkish cotton), polos, t-shirts, jeans, tops, casual jackets and parkas.

The man behind this label is Gabriel Hazim, who was traveling overseas in Turkey and was inspired by what he saw and decided to establish the very well priced label.


My favorite piece from the current collection is the double layered parka (pictured below). Priced at $223.99, it’s a great buy as you actually get two jackets for the price of one. Underneath is a waterproof windbreaker and over it is a hooded bomber jacket. The hood has a cool zipper detail on it and features a handy arm pocket. I love the oversized hoodie and funnel neck collar, the perfect way to stay warm and dry this winter. When the weather warms up you can wear just the bomber or just the windbreaker.

I also love the details on this blue dress shirt…

Also love this cardigan…

And best of all you shop from their website, click here