How to take the perfect profile picture.

If you use a dating or ‘hook up’ app, then lets face it you will probably be judged by your head shot. Your head shot (or profile pic) could totally make or break your success. Sunday Style Magazine recently featured my tips on how to take the perfect head shot. Here they are:

Over the past 2 years I have seen a massive increase in the number of clients who request help to style them for their profile picture, this photo is then most commonly used as their dating profile pic on dating / hook up sites such as Tinder, RSVP, e-harmony, Grindr, etc or even on their Facebook or Instagram profile pics.


These days so many people are turning to online dating / hook up channels to meet somebody. It’s sad but true, but that one photo can make or break your chances. We do live in a visual world, so first impressions really do count.


Here are my top 10 tips to taking THAT perfect profile pic:

1) Always wear colour (avoid black if possible)

Colour always projects confidence. Coral is a fab colour that suits most. In a sea of profile pics, black will just blend in – you want to stand out!

2) Do not airbush the image

Keep it natural and show your real self. Keeping in mind you might meet them in person, so they need to see the real you.

3) Try avoid using Instagram filers to alter how you look

4) Do not over do hair and makeup

A soft fake tan or a bit of bronzer always gives you that healthy glow.

5) Always make sure the camera angles are flattering

Camera should ideally be looking down (aerial view) or straight on, never a camera low looking up as this will give you double chins.

6)Try avoid a mirror selfie

Simply get a friend to take a snap of you or use a self timer.

7) Always show your eyes

Don’t wear sunglasses or hide behind a thick fringe or hat.

8) Always smile, no duck lips.

That is an instant turn off.


9) Good posture is important

And don’t over pose awkward leans or double hand couture poses.

10) Keep your backdrop simple and uncluttered

A clean white backdrop always works well. Make sure you are not covered in shadows or in harsh bight mid day sun. Early morning or late sun set light is always more flattering.


Good luck – happy snapping + happy dating + happy hook upS!