Herringbone’s new made to measure service.

Herringbone has just launched their new made to measure service, so I just had to check it out and share my experience.

As a stylist, I’m around clothes every day of the year. I thought I had pretty much experienced and seen it all. Well that was until the clever folk at Herringbone launched a new made to measure service. I visited their stunning Queen St, Woollahra boutique to check out the new range and service. I had the pleasure of meeting Bespoke Manager, Massimo Guglielmi. At first I was totally taken back by this impeccable style, I had instant outfit envy. If ‘The Sartorialist’ was in town, then Massimo would surely be snapped for his splendid sartorial style. As Massimo began to speak, his beautiful Italian accent flowed out and again I was captivated.  Even though he speaks fantastic English, I felt compelled to  unleashed my (rusty) Italian as we chatted about the new made to measure service and sipped freshly brewed espressos. Bellissimo!  (Side note – us Italians tend to speak with our hands… here’s the proof… me with Massimo…hands talking….told you!)

Before I knew it, I was getting my measurements taken and a process of decisions had to be made. Firstly I got to choose the cut of the shirt, followed by the collar style and the button panel style. Then I was handed an impressive booklet of fabric swatches, to choose the fabric for the body of my new shirt. I’m a classic kinda guy, so I locked in the thick navy stripes. I then got to choose a lining for my cuffs. A stunning red striped fabric was chosen, as my shirt began to take on a classic nautical theme (hello French Riviera!). I was then told I could have red stitching detail to match the lining. It felt like Christmas. I was so excited knowing that I could create a shirt exactly to my specifications. The icing on the cake was having my initials ‘DG’ embroidered on the shirt. I truly felt so special going through the process, designing the shirt to my specifications. I just know that i’m going to feel just as special every time I wear the shirt.  The order was all locked and the shirt will be ready in 4 weeks. I promise to share a pic of the finished masterpiece when its ready.

An appointment with Herringbone’s trained tailors ensures a unique fitting and enjoyable experience, the initial process from pattern to completion takes a mere four weeks. Following this, all future shirts are completed within two weeks, as fitting details are kept on file to make re-ordering simple and efficient.
Extending the Made to Measure service to include suiting as well as shirting, only the finest wool, cashmere, cotton and linen is used. Creating the highest standards of cut, fit and style, no detail is spared throughout this process.


Made to Measure shirting is now available nationally at all Herringbone stores while Made to Measure suiting is available by appointment in selected stores across the country.


Made to Measure Shirting starting from $179
Made to Measure Suiting starting from $1395


I highly recommend this service to all guys who like to wear a good quality tailored shirt.  This fab service would be ideal for all professional guys especially guys who are (super) tall or short and usually find it hard to find the perfect fitting shirts (i.e usually find shirts too long or too short). It would also be perfect for guys who work out (gym aficionados), who often complain they can’t find shirts that fit their rippling biceps or beefy pecs. Oh and this would also be ideal for grooms-to-be. Don’t let the bride have all the fashion fun, you too deserve to feel special on your big day.


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