What to wear on Australia Day

On Australia Day, we want to express and show our national pride. Most of us will be out doors on the day, so keep it casual, light and have fun with it. Here are some ideas and fashion tips to consider:


1) Wear some green and gold. These colours symbolise Australia, so pull out anything in these colours and wear them with pride. Ladies you could even wear a green and gold headband or hair tie, maybe some mis-matched green and gold socks. a scarf or a pair of earrings.

2) Ladies – you may want to consider painting your nails green or gold. Check out this amazing Buzzfeed article for some Australia Day nail art inspiration – http://www.buzzfeed.com/jennaguillaume/awesome-nail-art-designs-for-australia-day#.ledNm5jYZ

3) Be sun smart – Wear an Australian themed cap or hat or maybe even an iconic Akubra hat- not only will it protect you from the sun but it will help express your Aussie pride or if you are going to be near water, carry an Aussie themed towel (one spotted in Target for $10). Ladies might want to opt for  wide brim hat, simply tie a green and gold ribbon around the brim for some extra style. Don’t forget the iconic zinc, a splash of green or gold (or both) across the nose can be a nice touch. 

4) You can find loads of stylish Australia Day themed fashion merchandise in affordable retailers such as Target. They have Australia Day adult t-shirts from $15, bikini top for $12 and a board shorts from $20. 

5) For the female fashionistas, should you have a nice lunch or dinner planned, why not wear an Aussie brand or Australian designer. Designer brands such as Alice McCall, Daniel Avakian,  Cue, Nookie, Dion Lee, Sass and Bide, Shona Joy, Lover, Camilla, Romance was Born and Marc or Zimmermann

6) For the fellas – some great Aussie mens brands to consider – Aquila, Brent Wilson, Bassike, RM Williams, Vanishing Elephant, Counry Road, Calibre and MJ Bale.

6) Face paint – is a cheap and effective  way to show your colours. You might want to draw the southern cross on your cheeks or divide your face into green and gold halves. 

 7) Dress for the heat: Chances are you will be outside, so opt for natural, lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen or silk. Stores like Witchery, Trenery and Saba have some great options. Target has some really affordable linen pieces for men too. 

8) Maybe wear a t-shirt with a print of something iconic such as Vegemite, Dame Edna, a Kangaroo, Koala or maybe an Aussie band or your favourite artist like Inxs, ACDC, Five Seconds of Summer, Kylie Minogue or Sia. 


1) Do not drape the Aussie flag around you or wear it like a skirt, I feel this is sacrilegious. Flags belong on a flag pole or to be carried high and waved with pride, not to be worn and possibly ripped or damaged. Only exception here is an Aussie flag print towel, as their purpose is made to be a towel.

2) Don’t go over board and over do it. The more you pile on, the messier you can look. Just adopt one or two of the above tips.

3)  Get sunburnt, that is never a good look. Lather your self in SPF and some zinc and slap on a hat.

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