What does your bag say about you?

If clothes maketh the man, then the humble handbag maketh the woman. A handbag can speak volumes about the woman who holds onto it. There are 5 types of handbags carriers, which one are you?

1.Small and Compact

These women know how to pack lightly: they usually opt for a tiny hand held clutch or super compact bag which just fits the essentials like keys, mobile phone, money and maybe basic cosmetics. For a more casual day option they may choose a small satchel like bag with a shoulder strap that can be draped across the torso. Wayne Cooper clutch $229. (02)8399 3977

2.The Swapper

This woman likes to ensure that every different outfit is accessorised with the perfect bag. Their wardrobe is full of bags in all shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. They like to keep up to date with bag trends such as studded details. animal prints. fur trims. fringing or various colours and leather finishes. Apparently python skin is the leather of the season. Part of the getting ready process involves the ritual of the ‘bag migration’. that is the transferring of all contents from one bag to another. Wayne by Wayne Cooper. $199. (02)8399 3977.

3.Designer Diva

These serious fashionistas tend to take their cues from what arm candy is dangling off the celebrity wrists of Victoria Beckham. Kate Moss. Olivia Palermo and most recently Katherine Middleton. ‘It’ styles have included the: Fendi Spy bag, Yves Saint Laurent Muse bag, Louis Vuitton monogram canvas bag, Chanel 2.55 bag and the infamous Hermes Birkin bag named after actress Jane Birkin. Mulberry recently celebrated their 40th anniversary. Mulberry Lily $7500 www.mulberry.com

4.Get me Everywhere

These girls keep things simple. looking for styles that transition easily between day and night. Their elegant bag styles usually in classic black or safe tan tones are often crafted from top quality leather to ensure longevity. Bags are simple in design. dodging the seasonal trends that ‘the swapper’ usually gets attracted to. Carmen Steffens $679. 08 9324 3556

5.Oversize me

These ladies believe in the bag mantra ‘why carry multiple bags, when you can just throw everything into one massive bottomless pit’. Big certainly is better for these ladies. Jendi $95. (02)9565 1322


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