Top heavy body shape

Generally your top half is bigger than your bottom half. You have a very full bust and feel you are always dressing to fit your boobs into everything.

Time to embrace your sexy assets and let me show you how to dress your gals and yourself.

Top heavy body shapes, can also be referred to as Goblet Body Shapes and Lollipop Body Shapes. Some famous ‘Goblets’ include Catherine Zeta Jones and Renee Zelwegger.

Tips on how to dress if you have a Top Heavy Body Shape

You have: broad shoulders, large chest, no waist, narrow hips. ‘Lollipop’ is another term used specially for taller women. Generally your top half is bigger than your bottom half.

Key Objectives:

Open up the top of your body and always open necklines.
Balance out the proportions, on your lower half by wearing volume.
Draw attention to your waist and your lower half.

Tips on how to dress:

Always keep your neckline open, a deep line V is best.
You don’t have a curvy waist, so create illusion of one with a belted fitted coat.
Jackets should be fitted, to cinch in your waistline.
Skirt with draping – the draping will exaggerate your hips as you walk.
Tops and jackets should have narrowed lapels.
Jeans – low wasted, slim line jeans to show off your long legs.
Dresses – should chinch you in under the bust line (narrowest part of your body) and open neckline.
Trousers – wide legged bell bottoms will balance out your top half.
Bikini- a structured halter neck with wide straps and boy shirts. Shoes – go for curvy yes sturdy heels to provide balance.
Coats – ensure that the buttons sit underneath your breasts, so they draw attention to your waist.
A statement pair of shoes will draw attention to your lower half.
A good bra, will lift your chest and make your tummy look smaller.
Newer wear – shift dresses, chunky knits, slashed necklines, double breasted jackets, skinny belts, polo necks, bolero jackets, elaborate necklaces.

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