Top 10 best dressed for 2010

Here were my top 10 best dressed Sydney Street styles for 2012. Which was your favourite?

Check them out…

In my line of work as a stylist, I’ve always preferred to style and make over real everyday people.

I don’t it as challenging or satisfying styling a size six, six-foot model. For this reason, I’ve absolutely adored snapping well dressed people, over the past year all over the streets of the Eastern Suburbs.

These people have not been professionally styled or spent hours preparing themselves, not were they expecting to be photographed when they left the house that morning.

It’s more than just taking a photo. For 10 minutes or so, I meet a new face from my community, I learn about a new person, I discover new brands, I learn about different personalities and I enjoy seeing people use fashion to project their personality.

Fashion truly is the ultimate way project who you are. Wearing clothes should make you feel good and confident. After I’ve pulled someone, complimented their style and snapped them on my camera. I often see them walk of with some extra swagger in their step, exhaling a special air of newfound confidence.

We all love a compliment, so it feels particularly nice to know I may have made someone feel good for that moment, or hopefully for their day.
As I look back at the many faces, over the four seasons, the one thing that remains consistent is that each East End Girl or Guy has their own unique stamp on fashion. I’ve snapped everything from a bright Camila caftan clad beauty to a gorgeous pregnant woman who sews her own clothes.

When I first began shooting for the column my requests were met with a questionable glare.
I’d carry around a copy of the Wentworth Courier with me , just to prove I wasn’t some crazy stalker pervert.
At a cafe recently, the barista ordered the waitress to deliver the freshly brewed piccolo to table there for the “East End Guy”.
It was a difficult process but the girls and guys on the front cover and this page are my top 10 East End Girls an Guys for the year.