Tips on how to dress for a hot date

We may not mean to, but we do judge people based on their appearance. What you wear on a date can be crucial in making that great first impression. Here are some handy hints for guys and girls.

What you wear on a date, especially a first date is crucial. The same applies to an interview or important meeting. Clothes and accessories influence the other person’s impressions of you. You only have one opportunity to make that important first impression. If we meet someone who is neat, fashionable and presentable we can equate that with being organised, in touch with trends and caring about appearance. Be true to yourself. Your outfit should reflect your personality and who you are. If you’re nervous or shy, consider wearing a bright colour as vibrant colours can help project self confidence. Dressing appropriately is paramount. If it’s coffee at the beach, then jeans with a top would be appropriate. For a more formal dinner scenario, a dress with heels would be a great choice.

Top 5 Tips for Women:

1. Accentuate:

Choose an outfit that accentuates your assets and conceals the bits you don’t like. If you don’t like your bottom half, draw attention to sour top half by wearing brighter colours up top or an amazing statement necklace.

2. Style counts:

Choose style over sexy. Most guys prefer and respect the “less is more” principle. If you turn up looking too sexy, you’ll be making the wrong first impression and he’ll only be talking to your chest all night and not to you.

3. Plan B:

When in doubt about what to wear, summon the Little Black Dress (LBD). Choose one that suits your body shape. The LBD can be dressed down or up depending on the location. To add spice, team it with colourful heels and matching clutch or statement jewellery.

4. Casual:

The combination of jeans, a cute top, jacket and heels would make a great outfit for a more casual date.

5. Makeup:

Don’t wear too much make-up and don’t overdo the perfume.

Top 5 Tips for Men:

1. Show Your Assets:

If you’ve been told you have a great bottom, take the compliment and wear some nice fitted jeans. If your torso is buff try to wear a nice fitted T-shirt or tailored shirt. Don’t hide behind oversized clothes.

2. V shape:

If you have a larger frame wear clothes that suit your shape. Wear a well tailored blazer or jacket to help create that “V” shape that most guys aspire to.

3. Denim and shoes:

You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans (ideally make them dark denim) with a nice black fitted shirt and good leather shoes.

4. Taboo:

Don’t wear sweatpants, thongs, board shorts or anything too casual. Show her you made an effort. Not making an effort will more than likely reflect badly on you.

5. Hygiene checklist:

Be sure to tick off the hygiene checklist clean teeth, fresh breath, clean nails, clean face, deodorised armpits, splash of aftershave, tidy hair, no long nose hairs or ear hairs.
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