Tips for dressing on a heat wave day.

It’s going to be a hot one, so here are some tips to consider when dressing:


Fabrications: Look for items made of lightweight natural fibers like cotton, linen, muslin and silk. Fabric blends with a high content of natural fiber are just as good. Step away from the polyester today.


Colours: Shades of white are great for reflecting heat, but dark colours and patterns can help camouflage perspiration spots.

Sleeveless: Some people find it cooler to cover up from the sun in lightweight fabrics, while others prefer to wear garments with less coverage.


Breezy dresses: The best thing a lady can wear today is a dress. A sleeveless, flowing, knee-length, knit or woven, A-line dress that’s fitted on top and flared at the bottom is very ventilating. Nothing too tight or clingy, just tailored in the right places and super airy.


Linen or wools suits – for men having to wear a suit go for a light linen suit or a pure wool suit.


A-line skirts: A knee-length skirt that floats away from the body is cooler than a pencil skirt. Add a sleeveless top and its built-in air conditioning.


Voluminous tops: You might not like the sound of this but trapeze tops, empire cuts, kaftans and banded tops in both knits and wovens are brilliant in the heat. The more structured and fitted it is, the hotter it will be. Think loose, easy and breezy.


Single layer: Find items that look good worn on their own, sans a cami, cardi or second layer.


Sandals: Open toe shoes like thong sandals, slides, light weight wedges etc. No boots today!


Practical hairstyle: Opt for a do that works in heat and humidity. If you have long hair, its a good day to tie it back.


SPF – Make sure you pop on some SPF 30 before you leave the house. Pack a hat and sunglasses.


Keep Hydrated – buy a 2 litre bottle of water and carry it around with you and be sure to keep drinking it all day long.


Keep cool and safe everyone. Look around you today, if you see anyone in need go up to them and offer a hand.