The changing face of Prime Minister Julia Gillard

It’s been interesting to watch the style evolution of Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Her style certainly has evolved over the past 24 months for the better. Check out her transformation.


and her recent addition, some new specs…



My Top 3 style tips for red heads:

1) Try avoid wearing black, it drains you out. Julia still wears a bit too much black. Navy is a much better option.


2) Try wear flattering colours such as deep green, mustard, deep shades of reds and deep blues. These colours will suit your complexion best.


3) Bright white can look really stark against pale/ freckled skin, try choose look an off white or cream tone, soft pastels can work nicely also.


Do you think she looks better these days? what do you think of her “style”? Please leave a comment below…