The Beckham boys do Burberry

The Spice Girls reunited at the premiere of the stage musical ‘Viva Forever’. But it was the Beckham boys that stood out most.

All five of the Spice Girls arrived at The Piccadilly Theatre in London last night for the premiere of their musical ‘Viva Forever.’ However only four of the Spice Girls posed together, Mel B, Mel C, Emma and Geri. Victoria Beckham arrived late and instead decided to pose with her family outside the event.


The Beckham boys were all looking dashing in Burberry. How cute do they all look?! Romeo (far left) is going to be a heart breaker. Victoria wore her trademark frown and her own label of course.

Meanwhile the Spice Girls looked ok. I think Emma looked the best in a blue lace gown. What the hell was Geri thinking in that baby blue frou frou frock? Mel B looks glam and Sporty Spice almost looks unrecognizable.