Tania’s makeover after her weight loss.

Tania recently lost 12kg’s, so I gave her a makeover to help her celebrate her new body. Check it out…


My top 3 tips for styling after weight loss-

1) Always highlight the most narrow part of your body (usually waist line or under the bust). Use belts to help cinch in the waistline.


2) You will often look in the mirror and see the ‘old you’ (the bigger you), trust me I know I was 15kg heavier but sometimes I still see the old Donny in the mirror. Listen to what your loved ones see and take their compliments. Embrace the new you.


3) Clear your wardrobe of your ‘fat clothes’. That was the past, time to move on. Don’t get stuck wearing these old clothes. You worked damn hard for your new body, so showcase it.


If you have any styling questions or need some hints and tips just leave a comment below….