Sports Luxe.

‘Sports Luxe’ is a bit of a buzz word in the fashion world right now. We live in a busy world, we all have lots to do and we need versatile clothes that will allow us to get through our day. Sports Luxe is essentially clothes that are modern, comfy and cool. Think t-shirts, bomber jackets, comfy fabrics such as jersey, mesh, neoprene and fleece. Plus trainers worn with everything.

For men, a pair of fitted jogger style pants paired with a cotton tee are a good starting point. When I’m taking a long haul flight, I love wearing a cotton t-shirt with fitted jogger pants. I layer it with a thin wool knit or a hoodie and a comfy blazer makes the outfit look polished. With Fathers Day coming up, these would make a stylish gift idea for dad.        


White Cotton Tee made from 100% Australian cotton – $15

Grey fitted jogger pants – $29

Black fleece zip hoodie – $20

Blue 2 button blazer – $89 (please note, the colour of the blazer against the pink makes the blazer seem more vibrant, the shots against the blue wall are closer to the true colour of the blazer)

Black and white trainers – $35

All these items are available from Target Australia.