Welcome to Pamper with Purpose, I’m glad you are interested in joining my mission to celebrate the true Australian heroes helping to make our world a better place.

Extraordinary women exist all around us and their heroic, selfless gestures make a difference to our neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, and within our family units. I think these mums, sisters, aunts and friends should be celebrated and thanked for their efforts whether they are in a regional town, big-city or somewhere in between.

Pamper with Purpose is based on the belief that there is no need to makeover anyone’s appearance from scratch or change the way they look to fit an unrealistic beauty standard. The goal is instead to simply say ‘Thank You’ to our everyday heroes and give back to those who make a positive impact on our lives.

There are different ways that Pamper with Purpose is making a difference. Throughout the year there will be teams of stylists across the country helping me makeover these special ladies, giving them their own moment to shine. I will also be sending out curated pamper packs to take them from modest to goddess in the comfort of their home.

This movement is one that the entire nation can join, and by celebrating those who have made a personal or social change we are sending an open message to the rest of the world to follow in our footsteps.

I’m always on the lookout to shine a light on Australian hometown heroes and need your help to nominate someone that is helping out the community, overcoming adversity, or otherwise living an inspiring life as a Positive Change Agent. If you know someone who deserves a moment in the spotlight, please fill out the form below.

I’m looking forward to shining a light on someone special with you.

Donny Galella xx

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