Pear body shape

This gorgeous body shape usually means you are smaller on your top half and bigger around your hips and bottom. It’s such a common body shape, let me share with you all the secrets on how to dress for your beautiful shape.

You are in fabulous company, women such as JLo, Kim Kardashian and Katie Holmes all have your same shape.

Tips on how to dress if you have a Pear Body Shape

You have: a small bust, waist is smallest part of body with hips/bum/ saddlebags being the widest part of your body. Skittle Body Shapes are longer wasted, with average bust and Bell Body Shapes have a very short waist with small bust.

Key Objectives:

Draw attention to your top half – wear colour, prints and bling up top.
Balance out your proportions, exaggerate your top half.

Tips on how to dress:

Always try to broaden your shoulders, by wearing shrugs, boleros, capped sleeves, ruffles, shoulder pads, short sleeves or cleverly tied pashminas.
A eye catching jacket, will draws attention to your top half.
Tops/blouses – find something which broadens the shoulder line.
Neckline – a shallow slashed neckline widens your shoulders or open.
Dress – a strapless dress with a full skirt, the strapless style will broaden your shoulders or empire style which cinch in the narrowest part.
Skirts – A – Line style skirts or 50s style full skirts suits you best.
Pants – flat front, wide legged pants that fall down from edge or bottom.
Avoid bottoms with volume such as pleats, pockets etc. (e.g. cargo pants).
Jeans – straight cut jeans that fall straight down from edge of bum.
Coats – should be thigh length to cover saddlebags and belted.
Belts – have a couple to always cinch in the narrowest part of your body.
A great push up bra will show off your top half or Miracle underwear will firm up the bottom and saddlebags.
Avoid: pencil skirts, skinny jeans, tight miniskirts, hip length jackets.

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