I’m bloody steaming!

Don’t like ironing? then let off some steam.


As a stylist I am forever ironing (and steaming) garments for photoshoots, TV fashion segments or when dressing clients. But of course at home I still need to iron my own clothes. When at work I use a commercial steamer as they are generally faster (and safer to use than irons). It can take up to 15 minutes (or more) to even warm up and begin to steam. When it finally does warm up, it lightly puffs out steam.


Then along comes the clever folk at Sunbeam, who introduce The Sunbeam Steam Generator. It allows you to iron your clothes with steam and boy does it pump out that steam. The word steam train comes to mind – toooot toooot!!! One press of that trigger and the steam absolutely blasts at my clothes. Within a minute (if not less) an entire cotton dress shirt was ironed. Even delicate silk blouses done in seconds – literally.

Just a few things I love about this machine:

1) it only takes 2.5 minutes to warm up
2) the pressurised steam irons your clothes so much faster than a normal iron
3) the water tank is 3 times larger than a normal iron
4) its compact and I can carry it around in one hand
5) you can fill up the water tank while its still on (no need to switch it off and have down time)


There are 2 models: The Pro Glide (RRP$299) and The Pro Glide Pluss (RRP$399). Yes, its a bit more than a normal iron, but trust me its worth the investment and I promise you it will completely change the way you look at ironing. A slow boring chore no more! Just put it on your Christmas wish list and hope that Santa delivers.


This video shows you how it works, just check out how that steam pumps out.

Trust me you don’t need to be a stylist to enjoy the benefits of this. If you just want ironing to be faster, easier and less chore-like, then this sexy steam pumping machine is your baby.

Converted steamer lover.