I gave my sister a mini makeover for her 40th Birthday…

For my sister’s recent 40th Birthday party, I gave her a mini makeover to ensure that she was the belle of her own ball (well cocktail party). A fab red dress, some statement jewels and nude heels.

Check out her makeover…


Why does Elisa look so fabulous?

To hemp Elisa celebrate turning 40, I made it my mission to make her look & feel extra fabulous. She does not have very exaggerated curves, her chest in proportion to her hips and shoulders. She has elements of the “brick shape”. Here is what I did:

Statement earrings draw out attention to her top half.
Capped sleeve exaggerates her shoulders, makes her waist look smaller and makes her shape look hourglass and less brick. Her olive skin suits the red tone.
The band under her bust cinches her in and showcases the most narrow part of her body.
This pleat detail cleverly disguises her tummy (an area that she was self conscious about).
Statement earrings, ring and bracelet all from Colette. They all draw attention to her top half.
A pair of Tony Bianco nude heels to elongate her legs and make her look taller and slimmer.

click on the below image to see it even bigger in your browser.

What do you think of her sexy birthday party outfit?