How to dress for a date.

Here are some handy hints and tips, for when dressing for a date.


Whether you’re dressing for a first date, second date or you’re in a more advanced stage of dating. It’s important to look the part, and create a very special impression on your date. You never get a second chance, to make a first impression. So make it a damn good one.


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When dressing for a date, keep these in mind:


It’s important that your outfit, reflects your personality and who you are. Don’t dress ‘how you think they would like you to dress’, as you are not being true to yourself. It’s not a fancy dress occasion, you’re going as yourself.


If you’re nervous or shy, wear a bright bold colour as vibrant colours project confidence.


Dress appropriately for the date, if it’s a picnic then jeans (or shorts) and top or t-shirt, if it’s a formal dinner then a nice dress or skirt and blouse.


If they’re taking you on a “surprise” date, then ask what they’re wearing, so that you’re dressed appropriately.


Lets face it, we do judge people on how they look, its human nature. So make sure you wear something fashionable or your date will think you’re stuck in the past. If you have no idea about fashion, bring a friend shopping or book a stylist (yes you can call me if you like or ask me any style question).


Bad hygiene is an instant deal breaker, ensure you brush your teeth, have nice fresh breath, clean fingers, clean face, no ‘unwanted body hair – such as armpit hair on women and long nose hairs for the fellas. Shave, pluck and wax.


Manners are a must. All the basics must be adhered to: please, thank you’s, don’t talk over your date, don’t ignore them by playing on your mobile phone, slurp your food, don’t be late, don’t chew with your mouth open, talk about your ex (unless they ask you). Visit for more tips.


If you’re driving and picking them up, clean your car. A dirty car, will show them you are a messy person and that you don’t care. Same goes with your house, if they see a messy house, they will take that as a reflection of who you are.



Choose an outfit that accentuates your good bits and conceals the bits you don’t like. For example, if you don’t like your bottom half, draw their attention to your top half by wearing brighter colours up top or an amazing piece of bling around your neck.


Dress sexy not slutty. Some women think “he will like it, if I wear a little top, micro mini and fishnets” – WRONG! Most guys are turned on by ‘less is more’. Remember first impressions count, and if you turn up looking like a hussy, you’ll be making the wrong first impression and he’ll only be talking to your bangers all night and not you.


When in doubt about what to wear, call upon the ‘Little Black Dress’ (LBD). You can dress it down, or dress it up depending on the date location. To add some spice to the look, team it up with some sexy colourful heels and matching clutch or some amazing statement jewellery.


Don’t wear too much make up and don’t over-do the perfume.


Nothing can scare a guy off faster than hairy legs, armpits or facial hair (on a woman).

For MEN:

You too can choose an outfit that shows off your best assets. For example, if you’ve been told that you have a great ass, take the compliment and wear some nice fitted jeans. Women love guys with a cute bottom in nicely fitted jeans. If your torso is buff, wear a nice fitted t-shirt or shirt. Don’t bury yourself under layers of oversized clothes. Good tailoring is paramount.


If you have a larger frame, wear clothes that suit your shape. But don’t make the mistake of wearing oversized baggy clothes as this will make you look bigger than you really are.


When in doubt, go for a pair of jeans (ideally dark denim) with a nice black fitted shirt and nice leather shoes. A crisp white t-shirt, worn with jeans and a dark coloured blazer is another winner.


Don’t wear sweatpants, thongs, board shorts or anything too casual. Show her that you have made an effort. Not making an effort will reflect on you.
It’s always better to overdress than under dress.


Make sure you compliment her on how she looks.
Tick off this checklist- clean teeth, fresh breath, clean nails, clean face, deoderised armpits, a splash of aftershave, tidy hair, no long scary nose hairs and no ear wax.


If you have a fashion question just leave a comment below…