Fotene’s makeover – how to look one foot taller

The gorgeous Fotene was just under 5 foot tall, so I wanted to help create a new look for her that would make her look taller and slimmer.

How to look one foot taller.

Fotene is barely 5 foot tall with a ‘Brick’ like shape. After my makeover she looked taller, slimmer and Diva-licious.
For an instant height injection, wear your hair up. This up-do gives her height and the dramatic turquoise eye shadow brings her stunning eyes and matches the dress.
She has stunning olive skin and fabulous arms; the dress allows us to showcase both.
The halter style dress fits her bust area perfectly and highlights the most narrow part of her body.
All this fabulous jewellery is from Diva. In fact her total look came to less than $160.
A long maxi dress helps create illusion of height. The soft swirly patterns create movement and help conceal and lumps n ‘bumps.

Check out the her amazing before and after photo….

What do you think? does she look slimmer and taller? please leave a comment below….