Clothes to help hide your tummy and hips.

As Winter sets in, it can be easy to put on a little winter bulge. Here are some super affordable clothes that will look good and help you, should your problem area be tummy or hips.


These 3 (above) dresses are all wrap style or have a wrap detail around the tummy. This fabric detail makes the tummy area look ‘busy’ so it helps disguise the tummy and any lumps or bumps. They are all made from a stretchy, super flattering jersey that does wonders for the body. Plus on top of that, the print of the fabric cleverly adds an extra dimension of “busy” to really trick the eye and help disguise any lumps and bumps. These dresses could be worn casually with flats, some knee length boots or glammed up with heels. Day, night, work – all your bases are covered.

The 3 dresses (above) are all a-line in style, which means they are incredibly flattering as they skim over your waist and hips. Perfect for pear shaped bodies or any woman wanting to give her hips a little extra coverage. If you are looking for the perfect Little Black dress, look no longer. At $99 this a-line black beauty will strut out the doors, faster than you can say ‘Fabulous!’

If dresses are not your thing. Then look for a top that will cleverly drape and hide your area of concern. Both the white and print blouse (centre) drape across your tummy, yet still showcase your waistline. A steal for $30. The far right print top, has a clever over lay detail which will just give you the right amount of coverage, yet show off your curves. That floral print and the colours are pretty amazing too.

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Happy Styling!