Brick (or rectangle) body shape

Your body shape is quite up and down,  geometric in other words. You don’t have very strong curves. Never fear with the right clothes and accessories, you can create the illusion of having the curves you always wanted.

‘Brick’ shapes are also referred to as “Rectangles’.

Tips on how to dress if you have a Brick Body Shape

You have: broad shoulders, no waist, average tummy, chunky thighs and calves

Key Objectives:

Use clothes to add softness and roundness to your geometric shape
Emphasise the most narrow part of your body – just under your chest
Basically avoid straight lines. Look for curved seams, sweetheart necklines, curve jewellery etc

Tips on how to dress:

Jackets can be boxy, so choose on with rounded edges you can cinch in with a tie belt or sash to create a waist and show off your waistline.
A high waisted wrap dress will emphasise the narrow part of your body.
Rounded necklines, add roundness and softness to your shape.
Tops with rounded details or trims will add shape, such as a block of sequins.
Asymmetric skirt with pleats will create shape and softness.
Top – a small capped sleeve will create stronger hourglass shape.
Rounded neck cardigans, will hug you in all the right places.
Stripes can create the illusion of curves, but be careful to choose the correct kind.
Draping – tops or dresses with draping will create movement and softness.
Coats – an empire style coat, will cinch you under the bust and skim over your bum.
Trouser pants need to be floaty, jersey flat front the have a slight flare are the best.
Shirts – with panels will create a flowing movement.
Shoes – your shape needs curves and so do your shoes. A curved heel and rounded toe.
Use miracle underwear to shape your body, cinching the waist and giving lift to your chest and own a few belts to always cinch in your waistline.
Avoid – Boxy jackets, mini skirts, box pleats, solid wedge shoes.

The main trick with your body shape is to create the illusion of curves. Please click on the below image to see it as a full screen browser.

Brick Body Shape