Apple body shape

Apple body shapes are gorgeously rounded, who often find their tummy is the biggest part of their body. Beth Ditto, Magda Szubanski and Rebel Wilson are all fabulous examples.

Tips on how to dress if you have an Apple Body Shape

You have: quite often your tummy is bigger than your chest, flat bottom and often self-conscious about upper arms.


Emphasize the line under your boobs & create strong long vertical lines with clothes.
Don’t think you need to cover up under fabric; you need to wear form fitted clothes.
Use colours, prints and layers to trick the eye and ‘cut the apple’ into slices.

Tips on how to dress:

Tops / shirts need to highlight the slimmest part of your body, just under your boobs.
Tops should be loose enough to skim over your tummy but not flare outside.
Small capped sleeves help create a stronger ‘V’ shape and hide your upper arms.
Roaching on tops or dress, will confuse the eye into knowing what flab vs. fabric is.
Always open necklines; a deep rounded v neck breaks up the size of your chest.
Trousers should be hard to fit, so try to find some denim flat front pants.
Jackets need to be tailored, with a deep V neckline and ideally a tie at the waist the cinch in your waist line. If not use a sash or thin belt. A trench coat is ideal.
A duster coat or long ¾ cardigan worn open will slice your body into 3 vertical lines. When layering use a darker colour in the centre panel, as the eye will see this most and make you look slimmer.
Mix up block colour and prints, to reshape your silhouette (cutting apple).
Skirts flat fronted with pleats starting from below the tummy.
Use statement necklaces and jewellery to draw attention to your face, away from your tummy.
A decent bra is paramount and can help make your tummy look smaller.
Consider magic underwear that helps smooths out all the lumps and bumps.
Stay away with anything has bulky pockets, zippers or pleats.
Avoid – tight t shirts, big square tops, high wasted trousers, puffed jackets.
There are so many hints and tricks for this gorgeous shape, please click on the ‘fact sheet’ so you can see it in a full browser.